REVIEW: 05/02/2018 – By:  Derek Robert Kaplan

Izzy Losi and the Auracles – “A Little Too Close”

Aussie Powerhouse Prepares for Flight

Her musical style employs a sense of haunting motion, dissonance and melodrama — now Izzy Losi and her band, the Auracles, are proffering that montage to the masses in humble fashion. Having cut her teeth as a teen, supporting the likes of Mia Dyson and Courtney Barnett, Losi is prepped and poised to be one of Australia’s next tuneful gifts bestowed to the world of music.  In a short span of time, she’s established herself as a front woman to watch, with a richly powerful voice that’s held-up by her technical piano playing and her gang’s bedrock accompaniment.  

“Did somebody grip a little too tight?  Did somebody clip your wings for flight?” are poignant lyrics from her new single, “A Little Too Close,” where Losi seems to touch on the importance of comfort-shedding; i.e., letting go of internal safety nets — the ones wrought by a natural fear of flying too far away from the nest.  For added effect, the track is a perfect crescendo from beginning to end; as her rounded voice softly patters at first . . . it inevitably builds until it bleeds out the raw, climactic choral refrain.

It’s rare to find an artist of Losi’s caliber that hasn’t yet been discovered.  But, with her layered, alt-indie approach to songwriting, she’s been victorious in Australian music competitions and sufficiently raised money through crowdfunding for her first EP “The Only Constant is Change.”  By all accounts, “A Little Too Close” is a precursor to an upcoming debut album, for which we should all be on the lookout.